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Allied Health Admission List (2020/2021)

Allied Health Admission  List 


The school management wishes to inform the general public that, the following applicants have been offered admission to the College to study their respective Programes attached. They are required to log into our admission portal and follow the steps  below to download their admission letter.

1. Enter your Index number and Password and click login

2. Click on my results

3. Click on the semester and select Admission letter

4. Click on Apply.

5. Scroll to the bottom and click on (Click here to download the pdf file).

For further enquiries call 0372098325 or email us on;

( (


S/N ID NAME Program
1 NFTON20001  YAKUBU SAAKA Community Health (Nutrition)
2 POS200018  CORNELIUS BABA ANIMAH Community Health (Nutrition)
3 POS200037  JOSEPHINE FOFIE Community Health (Nutrition)
4 TON200001  ABIGAIL BOMFEH Community Health (Nutrition)
5 TON200004  ADAM M MUBASHERA Community Health (Nutrition)
6 TON200007  AMSHAWU OSMAN Community Health (Nutrition)
7 TON200009  BANIM YAW MOSES Community Health (Nutrition)
8 TON200010  BARIKISU MORROH Community Health (Nutrition)
9 TON200013  BELINDA APOAYAMBIL ABUGRI Community Health (Nutrition)
10 TON200014  BETAMADOR REBECCA Community Health (Nutrition)
11 TON200015  BILIKIS ABDULRAHMAN Community Health (Nutrition)
12 TON200016  CALISTUS NOBALA DAABUNG Community Health (Nutrition)
13 TON200017  CAMELINA ADDI Community Health (Nutrition)
14 TON200018  DARLENE E DORMENLE-YAA Community Health (Nutrition)
15 TON200019  DONKOR GEORGINA Community Health (Nutrition)
16 TON200020  ELIZABETH OKYERE Community Health (Nutrition)
17 TON200026  JUDITH SAMTENMLEE KUMIAT Community Health (Nutrition)
18 TON200028  KYEREMAA PHIDENIS Community Health (Nutrition)
19 TON200030  MARY BOATENG Community Health (Nutrition)
20 TON200035  NANGYABIT YARO MATHEW Community Health (Nutrition)
21 TON200036  NNELLA VICTORIA Community Health (Nutrition)
22 TON200038  PAULINA DUAH Community Health (Nutrition)
23 TON200040  PRISCILLA AKADJA Community Health (Nutrition)
24 TON200041  RICHARD RONALD AZAMETI ZORMELO Community Health (Nutrition)
25 TON200042  SAIBU NAPARI SOMMED Community Health (Nutrition)
26 TON200043  SALIFU AZUM Community Health (Nutrition)
27 TON200044  SALLEY RAUF ASSANA Community Health (Nutrition)
28 TON200053  VIDA LAARI Community Health (Nutrition)
29 TON200054  VIDA OWUSUAA Community Health (Nutrition)
30 TON200055  VIVIAN AMPONSAH Community Health (Nutrition)
31 TON200056  VOTERE VIELUNGNEYE DHILYSS Community Health (Nutrition)
32 NAC200169  ADAM BASHIRU Dietetics Assistant
33 RDT200007  EUNICE AFRIYIE Dietetics Assistant
34 RDT200012  LAMPTEY GIFTY Dietetics Assistant
35 RDT200014  LAWRENCIA ODORKOR GLOVER Dietetics Assistant
36 TON200027  KESSE PATRICIA Dietetics Assistant
37 TON200049  TANA ALFREDA NDAYAM Dietetics Assistant
38 TON200052  VERONICA AKABAYINE Dietetics Assistant
39 TON200006 AMINU IBRAHIM Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Science
40 TON200023 GYIILE FRANCIS Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Science
41 TON200032  MAVIS ISSAKA Diploma in Health Information Management
42 TON200003  ADABLI KWAKU Diploma in Health Promotion
43 RDT200009 GABRIEL KWAME SAMBA Diploma Physiotherapy
44 RDT200001  AGYEI BELINDA Registered Dietetic Technician
45 RDT200002  ALHASSAN SUAHIBA Registered Dietetic Technician
46 RDT200005  DANIEL AJUISIWEN ADIJAM Registered Dietetic Technician
47 RDT200006  ELIASU DAKURUGU GERALD Registered Dietetic Technician
48 RDT200008  FRANCIS WEBADUA AWOMPURI Registered Dietetic Technician
49 RDT200011  LUCY SARKOD Registered Dietetic Technician

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