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Registered General Nursing


Please still I have not see my bill ,after creating the acount

Please follow the News post caption "Student Bill has been released" to learn how to access your bill.
You will be required to Provide your iindex number (without the Farward Slashes or Dashes) and your Class.

Below is a direct link to the news post on how to access your Bills.

bill still not ready? itz urgently needed and something must be done about it pls.
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Pleaѕe Adмιn, worĸ very нard тo geт тнe weвѕιтe υpdaтed, we need мoѕт oғ oυr ιnғorмaтιonѕ pυвlιѕнed нere, eѕpecιally тнe ѕтυdenт'ѕ вιll and oтнer acadeмιc ιnғoѕ, alѕo мoѕт oғ тнe тeхтѕ are wrιттen ιn ѕтrange langυageѕ, wнιcн doeѕnт мaĸe ιт eaѕy ғor υnderѕтandιng. waιтιng ғoт тнe cнangeѕ and υpdaтeѕ. тнanĸ yoυ!

Please can someone help me to assess my results, thanks.

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